Sunday, December 14, 2008

Erika and Kevin: Charleston, SC

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my 23 year old baby was married in a quaint pavilian in Hammond's Ferry. The reception was a disastar at the Cotton Patch. We delivered the cake at 11:00 AM that day to be set up for the reception party. The server did not bring it out until 11:30 pm after guests were leaving. Only 1 server brought meals which were incorrect and the grooms mother did not get het dinner until AFTER 11:00 PM. My daughter's reception was a nightmare!!!!!! When I called... the so called management gave excuses and did not call me back with resolution. I'm in management at a local hospital and would like recompense before I launch my oppinion of your establishment online. Please call me as I'm a severly disatified customer and would like to hear why my daughter's reception pictures are not worthy to be posted because of your restaraunt's failure to provide the service they stated as adequate for the occasion. I saw how your beautiful wedding pics reflected your perfect day and only wished the same for my youngest daughter, we only hope you'll try and compensate for the horrible experience at your establishment.

Thank you,
Kirk Bellinger
210-440-7000 said...

please respond to the hoorible serviceat your establishment! said...

please contact me if you own the the cotten patch dive in North Augusta,SC.